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We envision a community of empowerment and equality through education, self realization, personal responsibility, and service to others.


Compassion:  understanding that we all come together from different backgrounds and experiences that have shaped our response to the larger world

Community:  belief that we are all tied together, both inside our organization and beyond its walls through collaboration with and support of other agencies, organizations and nonprofits

Excellence:  expectation and pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors, high standards and constant, honest, and transparent evaluation

Faith:  belief that change is possible both on an individual and community basis

Hope:  belief that what we long for and work for can be achieved

Intention:  acting deliberately, thoughtfully, and meaningfully to fulfill our purpose

Love:  love of each other practiced through personal responsibility, accountability, and service

Respect:  respect of self and respect of others as children of God and creatures with immeasurable gifts and talents to offer

Service:  serving others and our broader community through use of our God-given gifts and talents

Scholarship:  appreciation of and dedication to the improvement of our minds

Stewardship:  wisdom in protecting and utilizing all our resources—funding, talents, physical spaces, and people—so that they may have the most meaningful impact on our mission and those we serve

Project Reflect/Smithson Craighead Academy/PREP

730 Neely’s Bend

Madison, TN  37115


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  1. Good Afternoon! My name is Greg, reaching out to you on behalf of the Nashville Sounds. How are you today? I just wanted to personally invite you out to the new ballpark to take a behind the scenes tour of the facilities. My goal is to meet with business owners in the Nashville area, in hopes of meeting new people (recently moved here from New York City) and discussing some of the different opportunities we have available. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to give me a buzz whenever and I’ll be more than happy to help you out! Thank you, Greg