April Letter From Our Executive Director



We have only a month and a half remaining in the 2016-2017 school year. It has been a productive year. Our students have exemplified academic growth and progress over the last few months, the after school program has been a beneficial extension of our normal school day, and our parents have learned so much through the EL and GED courses in the Parenting Academy. While these accomplishments are commendable, we have two major applications that will measure our success and determine whether our current programming will continue next year and beyond.

The renewal application has been submitted to the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools system and, if approved, our charter of Smithson Craighead Academy is renewed for 10 additional years. This is an important time for our organization. Our students must exemplify huge academic gains and we must communicate why our charter should be renewed.

The applications for the 21st Century and LEAPS Program which both fund our after school activities have recently been submitted as well. If the after school programming is not funded, then over 100 students will not have access to additional academic assistance and extracurricular activities such as Girls on the Run, a mentoring track program that builds self-esteem and motivation, as well as kung fu, art, and STEM project based activities. These components are beneficial for meeting the needs of the “whole” child and this is why receiving grant funding through the 21st Century and LEAPS applications are key to improving the academic, social, and emotional characteristics of the students we serve.


Parents and community stakeholders, I encourage you to stay informed and to also be heard. It takes us all working together to affect positive change. Supporting Project Reflect and Smithson Craighead Academy encompasses spreading the good news about what our organization is accomplishing and also sharing your time, talents, and resources with our future leaders. The time is now…let us show our community why we deserve to continue making a difference and serving as the Hidden Gem in Madison.


Happy Spring to you from the Eagle family!



Executive Director, Project Reflect

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