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February is Black History Month and as we celebrate the African American icons and trailblazers in the world who came before us, it only seems fitting to me to recognize a trailblazer who we still are blessed to have among us. Sister Sandra was a lobbyist in the 90’s and worked to reform education through the expansion of increased school options for parents. In 2003, she founded the first charter school here in Middle Tennessee. There are now over 30 charter schools but this movement started with her vision and tenacity to grant all parents with various school options.

Sr. Sandra still comes to the school daily to work with the students primarily in the role as a Foster Grandparent. She also works on fundraising efforts (to support the organization and Sister Sandra’s efforts, click on the DONATE NOW button) and leading the Corporate Membership in its mission to protect and preserve the mission of the organization. This is truly amazing for a 90 year old who will turn 91 in March! I am truly grateful to have such a wonderful individual serve as my mentor and as we celebrate Black History Month, I deem it necessary to recognize the icon I look up to and have the pleasure to interact with everyday…Sister Sandra, thank you for your vision and I pray that your legacy lives on for many years to come.


I would also like to recognize Agape North and Logo Brands for sponsoring our t-shirt giveaway day on Thursday, February 16th! This ongoing partnership is truly priceless. They have made the commitment to support Project Reflect and Smithson Craighead Academy and through this initiative, they plan to provide our staff and students with FREE SOARING EAGLES SPIRIT shirts! We are grateful for this collaboration and we look forward a great deal of excitement on our giveaway day!

Lastly, this month we celebrate Valentine’s Day at SCA, we will have a Celebration of Friends Day. When I visit the classrooms, interact with our staff, or the participants in the Parenting Academy, I feel extremely blessed to work among friends who are committed to making a positive change in the lives of others! I am grateful for the friendships I have formed along the way and ones that I will foster in the years to come. This Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to show your love and appreciation to the important individuals in your life. Our family and friendships help to form who we are and how we live. Therefore, I celebrate my family and friends and I hope you will join us in celebrating those who have made an impact in your life and those who encourage you to do so in the lives of others!


Executive Director, Project Reflect

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