Music City Youth Orchestra 2013-14 1H

Kroger Community Rewards

Project Reflect is now a part of the Kroger Community Rewards program. Your trips to the neighborhood Kroger will make a difference. A couple of quick things to know in order to get started – Our NPO #66519 – Make sure you have your Kroger Plus Card handy in order to connect Project Reflect to your account. Don’t have an account, no worries just click this link – and register! For information on how you can support Project Reflect and Smithson Craighead Academy through Kroger and its community initiative, visit and register!

Music City Youth Orchestra

Project Reflect has been chosen by MCYO to participate in the newly-realized El Sistema program which will provide students with an opportunity to participate in musical education, learning basic music theory and performance.

Catholic Heart Work Camp

A long-time collaboration with CHWC provides two weeks of amazing teen labor each summer.  Students help with campus clean up, painting, moving, and more.  Their hard work creates many new opportunities for the programs of Project Reflect and saves thousands of dollars in paid labor.


Hands on Nashville

Project Reflect’s collaboration with Hands on Nashville provides access to hundreds of volunteers each year through both individual efforts and service groups. With each volunteer hour valued at $20.13 in Tennessee and well over 2,000 hours donated in the last year, one can easily the value and savings that volunteers bring to Project Reflect.


Hendersonville Area Chapter of the Links, Inc.

The Hendersonville Area Chapter of the Links, Inc. established a partnership with Project Reflect and SCA when the school opened in 2003. Through this partnership, the Hendersonville Links provide parenting workshops as well as an end of the year promotion exercise ceremony and reception at the Tennessee State University Avon Williams Campus, where a message of acknowledging and celebrating milestones is presented.


Marquette University

For many years, students from Marquette University have spent their spring breaks volunteering at Project Reflect and SCA.  These university students tutor in classrooms, exposing our students to the idea of college and providing invaluable educational assistance.


Nashville Ballet

Company_BFProjectThe elementary school programs of Nashville Ballet’s outreach efforts expose our SCA students to the magic and discipline of dance and music with several visits throughout the year.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee

A powerful collaboration with Second Harvest provides meals and snacks for students enrolled in SCA and PREP, meaning we are able to provide food security for children who might not have access to meals outside of program hours.  Second Harvest provides these meals and snacks at no cost to Project Reflect and provides the opportunity for us to purchase other items at about 10% of the cost in a grocery store.


St. Joseph Middle School

For over ten years, the 8th grade students from St. Joseph School (SJS), have volunteered and mentored our students at SCA.  The SJS students tutor and mentor in the classrooms, providing beneficial assistance to the staff and students.

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