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  1. I am new to Nashville ares and my family will be moving to Nashville this Summer. If I want my 6yr old to attend this school doin need to send an application now or is it too late .. i will be living in Napier Place and I have a good friend whom said this was a good school for my youngest instead of the school he is zoned for.

  2. Greetings, I am actually new to the Nashville/Madison TN area. I have a 9 year old step son that will be moving up here with his dad in a couple of months. He is currently in the 3rd grade. He is a very out going kid that has unfortunately endured a lot in his 9 years of life and I am looking to provide him with the best life possible and I feel as if that starts with family, faith, and education. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could contact me and let me know what we need to do to ensure that he is able to be a student at SCA for 2016-17. Thank you again for your time . Antionette Boston 470-599-3636 323 Forrest Park Road 5-03 Madison, TN 37115