All our students participate in PREP, Monday through Thursday, for the last ninety minutes of each academic day. In this intervention time, students may work as a group, in small groups, or individually based on needs. Core academic subjects are reinforced with particular attention on math and literacy. Activities are exploratory and project based, giving students a different style of learning.

Morning PREP is offered from 6:30am to 7:45am every morning and provides basic tutoring and computer skills for students who arrive at school before the 7:45am start.

Afternoon PREP provides enrichment, exploration, and academic support with half our students enrolling for free in classes designed to promote team building, critical thinking, curiosity, and activity. The PREP hours are from 3:00p-5:15p Mondays through Thursdays. Students take Spanish, which is wonderful for native English speakers but also for native Spanish speakers who have the opportunity to develop literacy in their first language. Karate is a popular activity, featuring both structure and the art of meditation. Art, character development, and computer will also be offered. The Harmony Project, a collaboration with the Music City Orchestra, began in January 2016. This project consists of 20 students who will have the opportunity for a social transformation through the creative power of music.

If you are interested in employment in our PREP Afterschool Program as a substitute or Character Formation Instructor, you may email the PREP Director at


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