Smithson-Craighead Academy Rolls Out Rigorous New Instructional Program to Enhance Student Academic Success.

Smithson-Craighead Academy Rolls Out Rigorous New Instructional Program to Enhance Student Academic Success.

NASHVILLE, TN (October 9, 2013)  When students of Smithson-Craighead Academy, a K-4 charter school in North Nashville, return to class on Monday, October 21 they will notice a change far deeper than the wall colors of the halls!  Not only is SCA undergoing a “makeover” of our physical spaces, including painting of the school, construction and work on the school play areas and reallocation of administrative spaces, school administration has spent concentrated time developing an data-driven, rigorous new school-wide instructional plan in accord with Project Reflect’s and SCA’s mission to save every child through providing a high-quality education. 

project_reflect_sca_kindergartenerWith input from parents, educators, and leadership, Project Reflect and SCA have developed a comprehensive plan to remodel the school for the exceptional success necessary to serve the needs of its students.

  • SCA has implemented a new school schedule that gives us four extra hours of instructional time each week.  That’s the equivalent of two, extra days of school each month or over two weeks each year.
  • All the extra instructional time will be focused on math and literacy, meaning students will receive twice the math and reading instruction and support than a traditional school can offer.
  • SCA is offering teachers concentrated planning and professional development time each week so that the school is constantly training and supporting instructors in making the right strides in our classrooms.
  • SCA is offering PREP programs on Fridays to allow students to stay with us and to further enrichment opportunities.
  • SCA has established a 40-seat computer lab so that out students are developing the technology skills necessary to be tested and so that we can offer individualized teaching models in math and literacy.
  • SCA has re-opened our library to support students reading for pleasure at least 30 minutes per night.
  • SCA has implemented a new, school-wide discipline plan, including a new arrival/dismissal plan, so that our students learn in a respectful and distraction-free culture in which our instructional time is protected and valued.
  • As noted, SCA is even making physical improvements to our facilities so that students have a peaceful, inspiring environment in which to learn.
  • SCA has implemented new parent-engagement policies so that parents can be more involved in their child’s education and so that SCA is constantly communicating with parents effectively and meaningfully.
  • In addition, SCA is working to implement programs to serve the entire family—from GED and literacy programs, to computer trainings, job fairs, positive parenting classes, monthly meals at the schools and so much more.

A re-opening ceremony for the school has been set for 9:00 am on Monday, October 21, 2013.  Parents, students, staff, administration and community leaders have been invited to attend to celebrate the bright new future of this beloved North Nashville educational institution.

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