The atmosphere of a school must be conducive to learning.  A student’s appearance can positively or negatively impact the school climate.  Students must adhere to the dress code requirements, and those who fail to comply, as enumerated below, may be charged with Refusal to Follow Instructions and/or Repeated Violations of School Rules.

The dress code will be strictly enforced every day unless the administrative team sends home written notice prior to a free dress day.  Free dress days will have to be earned before they are awarded.

Uniform Kinder, 1st and 2nd Graders: Khaki bottoms, RED shirts, all black, all white, or black with white shoes

Uniform 3rd and 4th Graders: Khaki bottoms, BLACK shirts, all black, all white, or black with white shoes

Shoes – closed toes or tennis (No sandals, flip-flops, or house shoes). High heels, shoes with lights, or boots will not be allowed.

Shirts must be tucked into pants except at P.E.

NO EXCEPTIONS – Students will be sent to the office, parents will be notified, and required to bring the proper uniform in order for the student to return to class.

This code is not to be considered all inclusive.  The final determination of whether an item or style is objectionable is left to the judgment of school officials.

If your child needs help with school uniforms, please just ask in the office.

Dress Code (Spanish)

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