Parent Engagement

If you would like to speak with the teacher, please call or email.  The teacher will return your call within 24 hours, or you can schedule an appointment to speak face to face during the teacher’s planning period.

Each nine weeks, parents will come to SCA to pick up report cards and to have parent-teacher conferences, ensuring regular, timely communication between parents and teachers.  Students will not be in school on report card days, but you are welcome to bring them to the computer lab during your conference time.  Also, because buses are not running for the regular school day, we will schedule a time to run our buses so that all parents may attend.


SCA will provide a text service so that teachers and administration will be able to text timely information and alerts as needed.  Please be sure to sign up for Remind Text Alerts.

Parent Nights

SCA will host parent nights each nine weeks, events during which families will be invited to partake in family meals, reading activities, performances and more.  We will also schedule time for teachers to present strategies for helping students over the next nine weeks.

Parent Advisory Council

SCA has an active Parent Advisory Council, and we welcome your participation.  For more information, please contact the main office.

PAC sponsored events include:IMG_1850

Parent-Led Vision Board Sessions
Donuts for Dads
Muffins for Moms
Career Fair sponsored by ISOA

Parent Visits/Volunteer Service Hours

There are many opportunities to visit SCA and to volunteer in the school or in your child’s classroom.  We encourage parents to make a minimum of three (3) visits to the school each year and contribute a minimum of ten (10) volunteer hours.

SCA 2015-2016 Parent Involvement Policy

SCA 2015-2016 Parent Involvement Policy (Spanish)

SCA – 2015-2016 Parent-School Compact

SCA – 2015-2016 Parent-School Compact (Spanish)

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